Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day one of the Awareness Conga for F.I.R.R.E.

Early Saturday morning - August 14th, my favourite riding partner and I put the finishing touches on packing our saddle bags, did a double check around the house and said goodbye to our kitten - "Lost".
He knew something was up and he was highly agitated. My daughter and our friends are looking after him for us while we are gone and while I know he will be in good hands, big crusty ol me had a good cry while saying goodbye...

At 9 am we headed over to the Best Western in Grande Prairie at 10745-117th Avenue. It is a Pacrim Hospitality Hotel and a Rider Friendly Business Association member business. Pacrim Hospitality along with Choice Hotels are supplying the rooms for our Awareness Conga and they are all supplying special rates for riders who join us along the way.

Best Western in Grande Prairie
We took a picture of our first "stop" and then headed off to get fuel and double check the air in my ties. Having new tires on my bike and a hubby how is a mechanic means lots of checking to make sure the tires seat in properly.

Once we were officially on the way we stopped in Valleyview at the new Shell travel centre - although I travel this highway often I have never stopped here - preferring to stop at the smaller Esso, but hubby likes Shell gasoline so...

We made another stop to visit Skippy and Shirley who own the Little Smoky Motel - after the highway was twinned and their business traffic cut down to almost non existent because of the limited access they chose to close down the restaurant - the motel still operates but with no food only those who are really tired and coming in late at night tend to avail themselves of a room. These are good people and very rider friendly - if you ever find yourself in need when in this region - they would be a good place to stop for shelter and or help.

Then we were off to Whitecourt where we had lunch at the Rivers Pub - another of our Rider Friendly Business Association member businesses (The River's Pub is located in the Quality Hotel). Pap aGeorge was in so we had a great visit with him - he rides and is off to his native Greece in September for a month long vacation - two weeks of that will be on motorcycle.

We stopped for a break in Gunn and talked to a whack of riders all heading to the Brotherhood Rodeo in Rich Valley. Ken, Phil, Coralee...sorry I don't remember everyone's names - your faces yes...
Anyway - they wished us well on the Conga and off they went to go party with Marion and the gang from the Electric Rodeo in Spruce Grove (Marion - one of the owners is a member of the Brotherhood)

We arrived in Morinville and had some great Chinese for supper at the Golden Palace. If you ever find yourself in Morrinville and your appetite is needing satisfying check this place out. The food is amazing.

We got all settled in and all settled for the night and yes Joe, the bikes were fueled and WASHED before we put them to bed for the night!

This morning we are off to the Comfort Inn West at 17610 - 100th Ave in Edmonton. There we have Lucien Gratton joining us for the trip into Lloydminster on the AB side...

We are staying at the Econo Lodge at 5009 – 51 S. This is a Choice Hotels property and the manager Tami and her better half ride and they are planning on joining us for part of the ride, perhaps in to Saskatoon where we will be meeting up with the Saskatchewan Lone Wolves.

I will post pictures all have a fabulous day and order to light this F.I.R.R.E. across Canada we need you!

Join F.I.R.R.E. today (Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education)
It is the BEST $20 you will ever spend - the never ride alone program itself is worth it!

Till tomorrow morning...ride safe folks.

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