Monday, August 16, 2010

A wonderful day in the saddle...

Well folks - day two of our Conga has come and gone. Hubby and I met up with some riders at the Comfort Inn West in Edmonton and had breakfast at the Albert's Restaurant there.

Riders Meet after Conga Event
From left to right...Brenda, myself, hubby Mark, Geoff and Lucien
Comfort Inn West -Alberta
In front of the Comfort Inn West...
Geoff and Brenda could only ride with us for a short time, they had to go to a meeting in Smokey Lake - but it was wonderful to get to meet them and ride with them none the less. 

Lucien, Mark and I continued on our way stopping only for bathroom breaks until we hit Vegerville where we had a cup of OK coffee at Tim Horton's (Man I can't wait to get to Ottawa and have some good Biker Coffee Company Coffee - my shipment will have passed me and should be in Grande Prairie this week)

While in Vegreville we decided we had to stop at the big Pysanka - the Ukrainian Easter Egg - the largest in the world! 

The Ukrainian Easter Egg
Lucien I at the Egg!
We had a wonderful day of riding albeit we only put on 330KM ...after Vegreville we stopped one final time to expel the rented coffee and headed for our hotel at the Econo Lodge in Lloydminster...

Now I could probably blog about my time in Lloydminster here in the Alberta by Motorcycle Travel Blog but I have decided that I will carry this over to our Travel Saskatchewan by Motorcycle Blog...

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